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Our story


Huxley & Belle.

Designed and created for today’s modern ladies and gents, that want stylish classic statement pieces and occasion wear that will last seasons.  


Huxley & Belle offers a range of women’s and men’s classic and fashionable apparel that notably brings a touch of glamour and allure to your wardrobe. 

Browse the collection ranging from occasion wear, floral dresses, party dresses right through to essential basics and stylish athletic wear + jewellery to add that sparkle.  

Huxley & Belle’s statement pieces are curated from our partners and stockists all over the globe, seamlessly blending classic design, statement pieces with on-trend, contemporary detailing.

We offer timeless pieces that will see you through many seasons.  Create your own classic fashion story here at Huxley & Belle. 


Our Story


Huxley & Belle is a boutique online retail store offering affordable, carefully curated collections. We offer classic and elegant statement pieces and occasion wear for modern ladies and gents on the go.

We understand that modern women and men of today are pressed for time.  No more trawling through endless online store pages searching for that coveted statement piece.  The Huxley & Belle team have you covered, for essential basics - visit the Huxley & Belle most coveted collection pieces to find that special outfit.  


Our customers benefit from our meticulously curated style collections, meaning less time spent searching through clothing and jewellery pages that miss the mark.  


The Huxley & Belle shopping experience is all about less is more.  Our ethos is to offer only timeless, stylish collections and statement pieces that won’t overwhelm the customer, sourced from our diverse range of international stockists and partners.  After all who wants to spend a long time shopping online...where is the fun in that.  :)